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I help business owners & purpose-driven hobbyists

create impactful podcasts.

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Categories I've worked with:

Business & Coaching

Entertainment News

Influencer Marketing

Career Education

Health & Fitness

Personal Development

Sober Care


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Video Samples

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Archuleta Virtual LLC


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Boss Bitch Radio

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The Nicole Walters Podcast

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Clearheaded: the sober-care podcast


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Client Testimonials

"I love everything about working with Alexis!"

She so easily takes what feels overwhelming, daunting, and like an entirely new field, and distills it down into actionable, tangible steps. I love everything about working with Alexis! She is immensely approachable, thorough, and patient — I came into this knowing next to nothing about podcasting other than I had an idea, and Alexis has done an immense amount of work toward bringing it to fruition in a scalable way.

Beth Bowen, Sober Stories

"She was constantly reminding me that my voice matters"

Alexis had to talk me off the edge a lot of the time. She was constantly reminding me that my voice matters and provided constructive feedback. She was very open to learning new ideas with me that I had for the podcast which can be challenging for some podcast managers to think outside what has worked in the past. What I love about working with Alexis is her editing. She listened to my voice and understood my audience to make sure I stayed true to my vision.

Curtis Burke, Uncovered Legacy

"Her efficiency and organization are unparalleled to anyone"

Her efficiency and organization is unparalleled to anyone I interviewed or have worked with before. She is patient with my mayhem, continues to evolve creatively, and strives for building systems that allow for growth. I love that she is always willing to adjust. She has a good eye when it comes to forecasting hiccups ahead of time and that allows for ample planning and less stress!

Cait Madry, Clearheaded: the sober-care podcast

"Videos + podcasts were always top-notch quality"

Alexis did amazing video and podcast content + management for my business over the last year. She was great at coming up with new ideas, angles, repurposing old content into new channels, and overall making my life as the business owner as easy as possible. Videos + podcasts were always top-notch quality and really helped take our content to the next level!

Esther Inman, Help Me Work Online, Esther!

"It was a gift to be able to rely on her!"

Alexis asked all the right questions to prep and stepped in to do the work without any hiccups! I could count on her to make sure my episodes were completed the way I needed them to be as I had different requirements for different types of episodes. It was a gift to be able to rely on her!

Mary Chan, The Podcaster's Guide to a Visible Voice

"Alexis is really organized and professional"

I really loved how prepared and knowledgeable she was about the podcast industry and editing. Alexis is really organized and professional and really easy to work with. She is organized, kind, positive, and really smart. I'm really grateful she is

helping me.

Liz Culley, Cool Cool Cool

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